Armada Strategic Intelligence System

After 20 years of development, Armada Corporate Intelligence has partnered with Morris, Nelson & Associates (MNA) to launch a continuous forecasting intelligence tool for durable manufacturing.

Our intelligence system forecasts growth rates across seven unique sectors of the manufacturing industry. Join now to receive our strategic reports at no cost for 60 days.


Using intelligence methodologies and predictive analytics, we have developed a system that understands cause/effect relationships in business, economics, and geopolitics and how they affect manufacturing demand. When an event happens, there is a ripple. How strong that ripple is, how far it spreads, what it affects, how many additional ripples it creates, etc., is critical to understand. We monitor a series of trigger events that affect manufacturing activity (to get well out in front of market shifts) and report it to you in our intelligence briefings. It gives you time to react.


Knowing what happened is interesting - knowing what is going to happen is critical. The difference between information and intelligence is action. If you know what is coming there is time to act rather than react. That is the difference between taking control and being overtaken by events.


Armada started 22 years ago and has served Fortune 500 companies, mid-market operations, investors, corporate advisors, trade associations and professionals. MNA has analyzed and modeled complex problems for private and government clients for many years. We believe clients are to be armed with the knowledge they need to succeed.

Armada Corporate Intelligence has launched a continuous forecasting intelligence tool for durable manufacturing. Subscribe for a 60-day free trial and receive our monthly reports.

  • Designed to Give Manufacturers a Competitive Edge

    There are few sectors of the economy as complex and challenging as manufacturing, The competitive threats come from all directions and all the time. Staying ahead requires knowing what is around each corner - whether it is a threat or an opportunity. The ASIS projects into the future with a carefully constructed set of models that maintain over 97% accuracy so that manufacturers can anticipate. It takes time to be ready for these competitive threats - the ASIS provides that time.

    Watch John Nelson from Morris, Nelson & Associates along with Chris Kuehl and Keith Prather from Armada Corporate Intelligence review the monthly IPMAN report.

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