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Normally there is little controversy over infrastructure development. In fact, this is the one area where bipartisan support is nearly always evident. Who can argue with the need for good roads, reliable bridges, functioning airports and seaports, and so on? Economic development is tied to infrastructure and so are jobs. What’s not to like? The issue is never about the need or value, it’s about how it is paid for. The fact is that infrastructure is handled by the government at some level – there are very few private roads, bridges, airports, and the like. That means that revenue must be devoted to the task and that either means taxing or borrowing, neither of which are popular options. It becomes a matter of value.

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The definition of renaissance is “rebirth” and there are many who have been asserting that manufacturing in the US has been undergoing such a rebirth in the last few years. This is a position that seems to be justified when one looks at the investment community as well as the performance of the sector. The data from sources such as the Purchasing Managers’ Index , Credit Managers’ Index , Federal Reserve reports and dozens of specific industry reports all support the assertion that manufacturing in the US has rarely been in better shape than it is now. There are several reasons for this resurgence:

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Trade Shows for the Manufacturing Industry

It’s no secret that lockdowns and other pandemic-induced protocols have seriously impacted the trade show and conference business. The vast majority of these meetings have been either postponed or canceled altogether and this has been taking place for over a year now. This has been a particular problem for the manufacturing industry trade shows. It has been estimated that over 94% of all sales activity in the aerospace sector took place at air shows and other conferences. Heavy machinery producers also rely heavily on these shows so that they can demonstrate their machines. These are the times that buyers would be in a position to “kick the tires” and interact with the companies and countries that bought equipment. This also provided an opportunity for those companies who had something to sell to these machinery producers.

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  • Designed to Give Manufacturers a Competitive Edge

    There are few sectors of the economy as complex and challenging as manufacturing, The competitive threats come from all directions and all the time. Staying ahead requires knowing what is around each corner - whether it is a threat or an opportunity. The ASIS projects into the future with a carefully constructed set of models that maintain over 97% accuracy so that manufacturers can anticipate. It takes time to be ready for these competitive threats - the ASIS provides that time.

    Watch John Nelson from Morris, Nelson & Associates along with Chris Kuehl and Keith Prather from Armada Corporate Intelligence review the monthly IPMAN report.

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